What’s “Waldorf” About Your Homeschooling?

So often, we begin to gather ideas about approaches to learning without even realizing it. Especially when our children are young. We like the feel of a certain approach or the way things look. Pretty soon, we have made assumptions and we’re not even sure where they came from. 

Main Lesson Book CoverWhen I first heard about Waldorf, and decided I wanted to homeschool using this approach, I was drawn to the look of classrooms I had seen in photographs. I really liked the idea of natural playthings, painting, drawing, a curriculum based on stories, and wholesome activities. 

As I was preparing to start the elementary years and begin officially homeschooling, I learned about teaching in blocks of four to six weeks, and I wanted to know why. What was behind this? That’s when I started reading the lectures that Rudolf Steiner gave to the very first Waldorf teachers almost 100 years ago. Because I wanted to know why.

I discovered that block learning helps children immerse themselves in a subject for a period of time and then let it rest. This helps with retention.

And why a two to three-hour block of time for lessons? I found that Steiner said, “Our ideal would be, therefore, not to occupy any child for longer than three and a half hours. Then the child would always be fresh. Then our only other problem would be to think of what we could do with them in the school gardens when there are not lessons.”

How refreshing this was for me to read! Yes, this resonated with me. Go in depth into subjects but don’t overtax my children with too many hours of study. And make sure there is plenty of time outdoors!

I felt so much more at ease when I discovered what Waldorf lessons entailed and what the reasoning behind those practices was.

Today, I am inviting you to join me for the next three weeks in my online workshop, Inspired Learning!

Inspired Learning! Waldorf homeschooling online course

  • If you are new to Waldorf…
  • Or, you want to create your own DIY curriculum…
  • Or, you want to have a complete picture of Waldorf homeschooling through the years..

…then this workshop is for you.

I have structured Inspired Learning! so that it is both comprehensive and do-able. You receive two lessons a week that include print, video and handouts for you to read and watch whenever it’s convenient for you. We’ll also have conversations in a private area of the website and live mentor sessions each Thursday during the course so that we can dig deeper into your questions.

I do hope you’ll join me and other Waldorf homeschooling Moms to discover what’s behind the Waldorf approach so that you can create joy and connection in your homeschool.


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