Thinking, Feeling, Willing

Every night before bed, my husband and I have begun reading to each other from the book Arriving at Your Own Door by Jon Kabat-Zinn.

arriving at your own door

Last night’s reading was “Heartfulness.” And here is what it says:

“In Asian languages, the word for mind and the word for heart are the same word. So when we hear the word mindfulness, we have to inwardly also hear heartfulness. In order to grasp it even as a concept, and especially as a way of being.”

Just like in Waldorf education! Thinking and feeling are intertwined. They are so interconnected that in Asian languages, they are the same word! So all thinking must have a feeling component. That’s why in Waldorf education, we want to inspire our thinking and create memorable learning experiences through the arts, because the arts speak to our feelings in a very direct way while engaging the will. 

So every time we present new material to our children, we want to involve them in an artistic activity in order to engage their heart and mind.

The Lively Arts

  The Lively Arts  series appears on Tuesdays with ideas for infusing your lessons and life with the arts: drama, movement, music, drawing, painting, storytelling, handwork, modeling and speech. You can find more ideas and inspiration in my article The Seven Lively Arts

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4 thoughts on “Thinking, Feeling, Willing

  1. Oh, I just love all of this! The book, you and your husband reading to each other, and your explanation of inspiring thinking — fabulous!

    1. Thanks, Tracie. I just love when these overlaps pop up. And now, every time I hear the word “mindfulness,” I’ll think of “heartfulness” as well! Glad this resonated with you, too.

    1. Yes, a great book. Short, simple readings to focus on. I just love the concept of “heartfulness” and since we seem to hear the word “mindfulness” often, I appreciate the reminder!

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