Taproot Teacher Training 2014

Every summer for the past seven years, I have traveled to central Ohio for a gathering of Waldorf homeschoolers. I have the privilege of working with my mentor, Barbara Dewey of Waldorf Without Walls, and some other wonderful Waldorf practitioners to present the Taproot Teacher Training for grades K-8.


One of my favorite parts of this long weekend is meeting folks on this path from all over North America! Parents and teachers have come from as far away as California, Vancouver and Oklahoma; they come from Pennsylvania, New York, North Carolina and Illinois. Every year it’s different but a community is formed in just a few short days. It’s almost like a pilgrimage to the hills of central Ohio, where we meet for an intense four days and dive into everything Waldorf. I have some wonderful, lifelong friendships from Taproot.

We sing, and paint and explore the grades. We do form drawing and feed the chickens and get to know each other while doing handwork. Perhaps you can join us this year!

Registration is now open for the 2014 Taproot Teacher Training.

July 31-August 3, 2014

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2 thoughts on “Taproot Teacher Training 2014

  1. When I was having my coffee outside this morning, I thought “Taproot is only 2 months away.” (really, 2 and 3/4, but still . . .)
    Looking forward to seeing you in person.
    I think the schedule looks great. I’m especially excited about the eurythmy sessions with Royse.
    I told Barbara if there was anyway I could help out, just LMK.
    xxoo to you.

    1. Can you believe it? Everything is so very green here and it’s almost summertime! Can’t wait to meet up at Taproot. Hugs to you!

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