What Support Do You Need From Waldorf-Inspired Learning?

What would make this a joyful homeschooling year for you? What does support for Waldorf homeschooling look like to you?

Let me know exactly what you need in my annual survey.

Support from Waldorf-Inspired Learning

I really want to hear from you and find out what support you want from me.

Click the link below to let me know! It’s only 5 questions long. 

What Support Do You Need from Waldorf-Inspired Learning?


I was just thinking the other day (while presenting my At Home with Waldorf webinar) how all of this online support simply didn’t exist when my children were in the early grades! 

And it’s such a blessing. But it’s also a curse! It can be a deep, complex rabbit hole, for sure.

I really don’t want to contribute to you bouncing around the internet. What I want is to give you rich and valuable resources to help you get laser focused by breaking down this Waldorf homeschooling into small, doable steps, and to help you find the light within and stay the course. So you can get support for Waldorf homeschooling.

Please take a few minutes to fill out this short survey:

What Support Do You Need from Waldorf-Inspired Learning?




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