A Whole Picture of Waldorf Homeschooling is the Place to Start

When my now twenty-something boys were younger and I was new to Waldorf, I must admit that I did not always feel inspired in our homeschooling! It’s true. I was so drawn to this beautiful method of education but here’s how I often felt:

I would try so hard to figure out exactly how a certain block was supposed to be done, plan for hours, and feel like many of the lessons fell flat. I would be trying so hard to make our homeschool look like what I thought it was “supposed” to: verse recitation, story, drawing in the main lesson book. It felt lock-step, dull, rigid, and well, not good enough, all at the same time.

Little did I know that lightening up, experimenting some, weaving in more movement and painting and games would be the way out of the dogmatic box I’d created for myself!

I’ve come to know, through my reading of Rudolf Steiner’s lectures to the first Waldorf teachers, and from years of experience, that Steiner actually encourages us to play around and find what works for us, and for the children before us.

There was very little in the way of support for Waldorf homeschooling back in the 1990s. Just a few yahoo groups with at times quite rigid and stern messages about how to go about this Waldorf homeschooling or reprimands for doing something wrong.

This is why I created Inspired Learning!, my online workshop designed to give you a complete picture of the whole of Waldorf homeschooling.

Inspired Learning online workshop

Of course I’m aware that there is so much more online support these days, but frankly, it’s beginning to feel like everything is broken down into way too many pieces and parts. When really what we need as a starting point is a way to imagine a whole picture of our children’s educational experience from kindergarten through 8th grade.

So, wherever you are on your homeschooling journey, this course will give you just that. Steiner tells us to teach from the whole to the parts. And that’s exactly what I had in mind with when I created Inspired Learning!

Starting with the whole gives us an image to hold in our minds as we make our way through the details. This whole picture gives us courage and a sense of serenity as we move forward.

In creating this course, I considered and incorporated many of the questions that I often receive, like these:

  • How does Waldorf education compare to Montessori?
  • What does a Waldorf kindergarten play space look like at home? (Because I don’t have the money to buy all of the beautiful play frames and toys.)
  • How does the story curriculum develop through the grades?
  • Why are the arts so important and how do you weave the lively arts into lessons?

All of these questions are answered, giving participants an opportunity to see how this method is carried out at home through the grades. The workshop provides over two hours of video. Each of the six lessons includes a video, print material full of background information and practical steps, and a worksheet. I send two lessons a week for three weeks and you can watch and do the lessons at your convenience.

And this round, I’ve added a new component. You can send me your completed worksheets and I will give you feedback so you know if you’re on the right track and can adjust as you go.

Inspired Learning! delivers a solid vision of the whole of this method. So you can feel more at ease. Feel more prepared. Feel more inspired.

Click here for more details about Inspired Learning!

And whether you choose to join me or not, remember that homeschooling is a journey for your children and for you, as well. Keep the vision of the whole of their homeschooling years in mind as you go.


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