Simplicity in Parenting

Simplicity in Parenting: Taking it Further
Three Successful Pathways to Navigate Overwhelm & Bring More Balance and Ease to You and Your Family with Kim John Payne

Simplicity Parenting Book

Over on the Simplicity Parenting website, they have started a three-part video series with Kim…a free video series! The first video is up and is on the Environment. It’s about 30 minutes long and full of great examples of do-able changes and encouragement for parents. 

You can sign up to view these free videos over at the Simplicity Parenting website (scroll down to “What’s New.”) Great tips for cleaning out our home environments while doing our spring cleaning!

I became a certified Simplicity Parenting coach in 2013. If you want help creating small doable changes in any of the four realms (environment, rhythm, scheduling or filtering out), consider booking a Mentor Session with me. 


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