Help for Waldorf Homeschooling

Whether you are new to Waldorf education or have been inspired by its beauty and depth for some time, you will find scores of articles and resources here on Waldorf-Inspired Learning to help you on your Waldorf homeschooling journey. They may even spark a new direction or way of thinking that refreshes your family life. So grab a cup of tea, and explore this page at your leisure to find help for Waldorf homeschooling. 

And let me know what you find most worthwhile. I would love to hear from you!

Resources for Waldorf Homeschooling

You can find replays of past webinars on a variety of Waldorf homeschooling subjects here: At Home with Waldorf Webinars.

The articles below will help you better understand the Waldorf approach and how to apply it in homeschooling.

Waldorf Homeschooling Support


Just Getting Started?

Resources for Waldorf Homeschooling

The Seven Lively Arts

The Waldorf Curriculum

Unique Aspects of Waldorf Education

Waldorf Block Rotation, Grades 1-8

What To Do When All Seems Lost!


What Else I Offer

If you want to dig deeper, check out my planning guidebook:

Waldorf Homeschooling – Simplified: A Toolkit for Grades 1-8

Or join my online group coaching program, Plan It Out.

I also offer one-on-one Mentor Sessionsand host a live training event every summer, the Taproot Teacher Training for Waldorf homeschoolers.