The Giver Quartet Book Club for Teens


The Giver

A one-credit World History Course for Teens
Taught by Jean Miller and Alison Manzer
2015-2016 Academic Year

Do you have a teenage homeschooler who wants to take the “road less traveled” in studying history and literature this year? Looking for challenges and some fellow travelers along the homeschooling journey? 

Then look no further. We have absolutely no doubt that this World History class based on The Giver Quartet by Lois Lowry is the answer. 

Find more details here: The Giver Teen Book Club.

Alison and I are partnering up once again, this time to guide a group of motivated teens in a collaborative exploration of the BIG historical themes found in Lois Lowry’s The Giver Quartet. We will meet LIVE via Skype or Google Hangouts each week with teens from all over the country.

You may know that Alison and I are partners over at the Steiner Cafe and at the Taproot Teacher Training, as well. And we are on a mission. Our aim is to challenge students to grapple with BIG questions. 

With a background in Waldorf education, Alison and I both strive to teach to the whole person. Guided by this vision, we will be exploring the past and present through the framework of the major themes in these four dystopian tales. The four books in this series are: The Giver, Gathering Blue, Messenger, and Son. We will offer many project-based opportunities for students to read, write, make connections, and reflect as they move through these haunting stories. Throughout the course, we will explore connections and distinctions between the ancient, medieval, modern, and post-modern periods in history.

The Giver Quartet

The course starts September 22 or 23. We are offering two sections, so you can choose either Tuesdays at 1:00 pm CST (2:00 EST), or Wednesdays at 2:00 pm CST (3:00 EST) for 90 minutes. Class size is limited to 10-12 students. 

Here are some of the BIG questions we will be exploring:

  • History, what’s it good for?
  • What does remembering do for us?
  • Why art? Why do societies need art and artists?
  • What makes a spiritual leader stand out? 
  • Why is family important to us? To society?

For cost, and dates, and many more details, please check out
The Giver Teen Book Club

Alison ManzerJeansphoto+Over the years, Alison and I have had many long conversations about the joys and challenges of teaching our local classes of high school-aged homeschool students (in Ohio and Texas, respectively). We both teach literature and history, and we both strive to teach these subjects in a way that engages the minds and inspires the hearts of our students. Many years of Waldorf homeschooling our own children continue to inform and ground both of our approaches to working with teenagers.

We share a vision of homeschooling that is deeply rooted in the soil of the family, the home, and a natural, multi-generational community of friends and relatives.

It is from a place firmly grounded in this understanding of homeschooling that we are launching this unique, interdisciplinary class.

We hope your teen will join us for The Giver Teen Book Club!


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