Join Us At The Book Spa For Moms

We are two and half weeks out from the kick off of our Book Spa!!

Please join us as we immerse ourselves in beautiful books and movies this school year. We will meet once a month. Virtually.

It is important, actually imperative, for homeschooling moms to take the time to tend their own heads and hearts, as well as to connect with other women following the same path. This Book Spa is just for you!

October Book SpaJean and Alison were inspired to create this very unique way to not only survive but thrive during the school year, by a text their friend, Emmie, sent them one day about a “book spa” in Bath, England. Apparently, there is a quaint little book store in Bath that provides its customers with a haven from their daily cares, by surrounding them with cozy beverages and a selection of books personalized to fit them to a tee.

Through the magic of technology, it is our intention to create a similar refuge for you all this school year. And you don’t even have to go Bath! Make an appointment with yourself for both self-care and self-enrichment as we read, discuss, and fill our hearts and minds with stories for the journey.

Our first book selection is The Reading Promise by Alice Ozma. Every book comes with an optional movie pairing suggestion that we feel enhances and expands our appreciation of the book (you know, sort of like wine and cheese:) This month’s movie is Chef, complete with lots of laughs and even a food truck!

For details and to register please go to The Book Spa for Moms.

We hope to see you with book and beverage in hand on October 15 for the first “Book Spa” of the year!


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4 thoughts on “Join Us At The Book Spa For Moms

  1. The book spa list looks awesome! Some great books and movies. You may want to amend the February selection to read Beauty: A Retelling of the Story of Beauty and the Beast, which I assume is the book you intended. There is another book titled Beauty by a science fiction author named Sheri S. Tepper. It is also an amazing book, but probably not appropriate for this list.

    1. Thanks, Erika! Alison and I are so looking forward to this book and movie club adventure. And yes, I will update the title for February! Good suggestion.

  2. Lovely lovely idea and I smiled at several of the book choices, especially Walk Two Moons, which was written by Sharon Creech, known to my older brother as Mrs. R, as she was his English teacher when we lived in the U.K. I don’t think that I can join you, but enjoy!

    1. Walk Two Moons is one of my all-time favorite books. How cool that your brother had the author as his English teacher! I hope she was as inspiring as a teacher as she is in her writing! Wish you could join us on this book and movie adventure. Maybe next year.

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