Homeschooling Thanksgiving Week

Thanksgiving week can sometimes feel crazy and lessons can get away from us! Just remember that being together as a family and preparing food, making table decorations, sharing a cup of hot apple cider while you wait for Grammy to arrive…all of that is an important part of life’s curriculum. And just as important as the “lessons.” 

Here are a few stories for your to share in between all the preparations.

Last year, I posted about the The first Thanksgiving with a link to a story from the Baldwin Project (, along with a poem that’s great for young children.

The story of Molly’s Pilgrim is a family favorite for the middle years. It’s the story of a young immigrant whose idea of Thanksgiving adds yet another dimension to our concept of pilgrims. 

And here’s a fun infographic on the history of Thanksgiving, then and now, that’s suitable for teens and adults.

Gratitude & Homeschooling Thanksgiving Week

My gratitude list for this moment:

  • I am grateful that my two older children are such good people and that they live nearby.
  • I am grateful for Dang coconut chips, a delicious snack that I can eat!
  • I am grateful to all of you for your encouragement and support. Thanks for being here.

What are you feeling grateful for this week?


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