Historical Figure Project Checklist

___ Pick an historical figure; Name _______________________

___ Review the required elements of the project and choose the optional elements

___ Turn in a copy of this form with your two selected Optional Elements circled

___ Read at least one book about my figure (a biography or autobiography)

___ Purchase a tri-fold project board

___ Set up a personal timeline/schedule for completing the project by December 1, 2014


Required Elements (worth 20 points each):

___ Timeline

___ Map

___ Biographical Sketch

___ Speech


Optional Elements (pick at least two; worth 10 points each):

___ Journal Entry

___ Interview

___ Portrait

___ Poem

___ Play

___ Model

___ Board Game

___ Quiz

___ Artifact Museum

___ Costume Sketches

___ Word Cloud

Historical Figure Fair

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