Favorite Winter Resources

Winter SaleWe’re having a Winter Sale on all of our guidebooks:
15%-20% off through Monday. Details Here.

This includes Celebrating the Seasons: Winter, a guide that walks you through how to create a spiral walk.

My other two guidebooks are on sale, too – Planning for Waldorf Homeschooling: Keeping it Simple, and Building Community: Playgroups, Co-Ops, and Festivals. All three digital products that can be downloaded and read on your device or printed out.

I also want to share with you a post from last year full of my Favorite Seasonal Books. If you haven’t yet read Ollie’s Ski Trip, I highly recommend it! And here is another post about a sweet Story for Solstice, The Longest Night.

Enjoy your family this holiday season. I’m upping my meditation practice so that I can be a happy Mama through it all!

Do you have any favorite seasonal books you love to snuggle up and read as a family?

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