Celebrate the Darkness with a Spiral Walk

To be perfectly honest, I sometimes feel rather down as the darkness descends at this time of year in the northern hemisphere. I so love the sunshine and outdoors and light. And I especially love warmth. I often begin to feel closed in, and even lonely at this time of year.

While all the hustle and bustle goes on around me, my insides are yearning for something more. Something connecting and nourishing. And quiet. Perhaps our children feel the same way.

The spiral walk is a beautiful ritual for just this feeling and this time of year. Rituals mark the end of one phase of time and the beginning of a new one. With careful preparation and intentions, we can renew our spirits through ritual.

Celebrating the Seasons: Winter, a guidebook for Waldorf winter festivalsIf you don’t know where to begin in creating such a ritual, my guidebook, Celebrating the Seasons: Winter, gives you everything you need to create a winter ritual, including step-by-step instructions for a spiral walk.

My favorite way to do a spiral walk is to set one up outdoors. Then gather family and friends for a potluck, share a story and good food, maybe a craft, and rehearse some songs that can be sung outside.

Whether for advent, solstice or New Year’s, I encourage you to create a spiral walk for your family this year. I assure you that the experience will bring light into the darkness.

Celebrating the Seasons: Winter is full of songs, verses, story and craft ideas.

This guidebook is newly-revised to include instructions for how to make a simple shadow puppet theater, great for storytelling by the fireplace. Verses and crafts for celebrating Candlemas in early February are also included.

How do you celebrate the darkness and renew yourself?




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16 thoughts on “Celebrate the Darkness with a Spiral Walk

  1. I always love to read about ways to bring Waldorf into our home. One of the things I love about Waldorf is the recognition of the seasons which seems to be forgotten in this digital world.

    1. Yes! We need all the opportunities we can create to get outside and pay attention to what is going on in the world of nature. I, too, love that this idea is runs deep within Waldorf education.

  2. We celebrate the darkness with warm foods, cozy blankets, laughter, games, singing, togetherness, and earlier bedtimes. We love to make beeswax candles too. I would love to do a spiral walk.

    1. Starting rituals when the kids are young is so wonderful because then everyone anticipates them year after year and the experience deepens each time.

  3. In the wintertime, I spend a lot of time making soups and warm, hearty meals with my children. We have a regular electricity-free, candlelight-only evening which is warming to the soul. I love using Waldorf to homeschool my boys because it reminds me to slow down and cherish the memories I’m creating with my children. I’ve never created a spiral, but it sounds like a lovely ritual to incorporate!

  4. 10 years of being involved with Waldorf education, and I’ve never been able to participate in an advent spiral. Don’t know why I never thought of just doing it! I guess it seemed like eurythmy, and I thought I needed special training for it!

  5. I love to soak in extra sleep during this time of darkness, yet rise early enough to enjoy to amazing layers of color that sunrise brings. Lots of fairy lights and candles make this time of year magical, despite the darkness.

    1. More sleep, for sure! And bring out the candles. I always receive new candles as gifts for my birthday in November and it’s perfect timing for the descending darkness.

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