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Your Journey to Creativity & Connection Starts Here!

Jean Miller, Waldorf Homeschooling Mentor

Hi, I’m Jean!
other of three and enthusiastic Homeschooling mentor.

I want to help you feel more relaxed as a homeschooling parent
and focus on connection with your children.


Start Where You Are

Whether you’ve purchased a curriculum or are piecing blocks together yourself, or some combination of the two, I can help you create a plan that’s unique to your family.

A plan that’s both doable and sustainable.

Bringing you courage, focus, and confidence.

Homeschooling Support

“I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank you for what you do. Your toolkit has been so helpful to me this year. I feel confident in our homeschool journey and am really ENJOYING it this year. Last year I was stressed, anxious, and confused. I’ve shared your website with every homeschooler I talk to!”  ~Brooke

Gain Clarity & Confidence

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Working with Jean

“Without the support of all of your services, I have no idea how we would have survived our homeschool year.”     ~Eshanne

“I wanted to say thank you for the organization wisdom. I’m truly amazed how at ease and happier both my son and I are.”      ~Kristie

“I could not recommend a more complete approach to Waldorf homeschool planning.”      ~Theresa


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